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Reef's RC 400:SC Servo

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Torque / Speed @ 6.0v:
422 oz-in / 0.11 sec
Torque / Speed @ 7.4v:
444 oz-in / 0.10 sec

The Reef's RC 400:SC Servo combines blistering speed with gobs of torque. Originally designed for high performance racing applications, this beast is more than up to the task of  steering your high-speed basher, comp crawler or trail rig.  Check out these manufacturer specs:

High Torque High Speed - Digital Brushless Servo

Internal: Titanium & Aluminum Gears

Aluminum Center / Plastic Top/Bottom

(Replaceable parts available)

Bearing Type: 2BB

Weight: 2.3oz

Dimension: 1.6x.8x1.5 (LWH)

Torque: 344oz @ 6.0V / 400oz @ 7.4V / 427oz @ 8.4V

Speed: .09sec @ 6.0V / .075sec @ 7.4V / .07sec @ 8.4V

Spline: 25T

Dead Band Width: 2us

BEC Not Required, but recommended